Cross-Cultural Interactions and Travel Writing (Open Access)

The Art of Travel (1500–1850) is a free open-access database that contains many interesting sources, including “letters of advice (often to Grand Tour travellers),” “commentaries or critiques of the practice of Grand Tour,” “literary essays, treatises, and poems,” “sermons on travel,” “instructions on how to describe foreign lands systematically (from humanist exemplary city and country descriptions, to Ramist tables of observable phenomena, questionnaires, and guides to scientific methodologies for the systematic gathering and organising of information about foreign lands.”

Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures “investigate[s] the voyage narratives of eighteenth-century European expeditions to the Pacific, together with the English poetry and print media that responded to newly available accounts of first contact with Polynesian cultures. We are making early and rare texts on Pacific encounters openly available for study, together with graphical visualizations and experiments with digital text analysis.”

Please let me know of other open-access resources that belong on this page. 

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